How Beneficial Is Integrated Billing System For Your Business

How Beneficial Is Integrated Billing System For Your Business

Being a membership organization managing your member's billings and renewals is a very major task for you. Using the latest integration system from Certified System Partners such as can help you create a streamlined solution between your membership management and billing systems.

An integrated billing system caters a wide range of benefits and below are some of the major benefits of an integrated billing system.

Front Office Efficiency

Using a billing software which is integrated with your membership management system means that you can easily and flexibly manage the payment details of your members. Once you enter the billing data in the integrated billing system then all you will need to do is just enter the details of the member and the rest will be done by the system.

Decreases Coding Error

A membership management system caters built-in alerts and vital fields which on being transferred to the integrated billing system creates more clean payment records. Using an integrated billing system eliminates the potentials of errors which are likely to be caused by humans in entering payment details and transaction details.

Payment Security

By using an integrated billing system you will be able to accept online payments rapidly and securely with the help of SSL encryption certificate. The complaint procedures in the billing system never store or save the data of your credit card on the servers.

So having an integrated billing system allows you to cover every aspect of members renewal process very rapidly and safely.

Most Successful And Popular Female Car Racers Of All Time

Most Successful And Popular Female Car Racers Of All Time

Women share the same power as men and they can and have been proving their grounds in various fields such as politics, acting, singing and various sports.

Racing which is considered to be a men’s sport but if you look into the history you will find some very prominent female racers who have proved their ground on the racing track and have set a great example for all other men racers.

So let us have a look at some of the most successful and famous female racers of all time.

Michele Mouton

In 1982 she had nearly won the World Rally Championship but couldn’t make it up due to a devastating mechanical problem on the last rally of the season. She could do wonders with a Group B Audi Quattro which had astonished a large number of male drivers at that time. She had scored a very classy win at the Le Mans.

Michele Mouton has won 4 WRC rally's and was vice world -champion in 1982.

Shirley Muldowney

Shirley Muldowney

Shirley has a large number of achievements to her name such as she was the first woman member of the ten-person Auto Racing All-American team .

In 1977 she had won the NHRA Winston world championship which had made her the first woman who had claimed drag racing’s one of the most prestigious titles. This is not it, she became the first woman to win the NHRA Winston championship for consecutively 3 times in a row i.e in 1980, 1981 and 1982. This is the reason why she is today considered as one of the best female race drivers of all time.

All these women have proved that women just not have the skills of running the house or taking care of the family. They can also compete in the outer world with each and every man and have the potentials to overtake them.

Strategic Ways For Building A Perfect Website

Strategic Ways For Building A Perfect Website

While trying to design a perfect website you should always focus on creating something which is aesthetically pleasing as well as makes sure that your website is designed such that it helps you in achieving your online business goals.

For that, you will require a strategy which is best and highly Recommended for website design project of your type. So here are some strategies which you can use for building a perfect website.

Know What Everyone Wants From The Project

As a business owner, all you want is your website to be built quickly, correctly and inexpensively. The designers and developers would want the project to finish quickly,the architect would tend to make sure that the site will lead to conversions, and account managers would desire to have a strong sell. So keeping all these factors in mind you should design your website which fulfills need and requirements of each and every person.

Don’t Bring A Proposal

Instead of presenting the functional specifics of the site you want, present your overall business goals and your target audience in front of the website design agency. Doing this can provide the agency a clear idea about your requirements which can prove to be a helping hand for your project.

Bring Your Branding Elements

If you wish to have an ideal website then it is must that you provide designers your company’s logo, colors and various other branding elements which can help the designers in creating a proper strategy which caters all your needs.

One thing you should remember is that it takes a large number of steps for creating a great website. So all you need is to be a helpful and cooperative client for getting the best results. 


Sure Fire Tips To Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

Sure Fire Tips To Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

Are you overweight? Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Now don’t torture yourself with strict diet plans! Just take care of few things and you will be able to enjoy a thinner and a healthy body.

Follow a diet plan

It is better to have a diet plan and stick to it for better results. You can find such a diet plan for lesser cost at The diet plan includes food for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. You will also find snacks to munch in between the meals. If you follow it strictly you will find the results soon.

Snack in between

Most of the people suffer from hunger pangs in between the meals. Keeping some nutritious snack handy can help satiate your hunger. Moreover, holding your hunger for a long time may create a temptation to eat something unhealthy.

Stop watching TV

Studies claim that people who eat food while watching TV consume 40% more calories compared to the people who concentrate on food. Another possibility to eat more happens when you are distracted from your food due to driving or texting or any other activities.

Keep weighing yourself

It is a good practice to get on the weighing scale regularly. This way you will be able to know whether you are putting on weight or not. If yes, you will be able to control it by inculcating exercises.

Call your friend

There are many situations when you may feel the craving to have something tasty but unhealthy. So in such situation call up your friend and start talking. This way you will be distracted and by the time you hang up, you will not be thinking about the food.

Have proper breakfast

Make it a habit to have something healthy in the morning. Taking in breakfast rich in protein and carbs will make you feel full for a long time as well as control the blood sugar level. Taking eggs in the breakfast will make you feel satisfying.

Take fruit

One of the best ways to fill your tummy without taking in much calories is to consume fruit that too twice a day. They contain a number of vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. Moreover, they are high in fiber so good for digestion too.

So if you too are planning to shed those extra pounds, then it’s time to start working for them. Follow these weight loss tips and you will see better results soon.


Some Famed Motor Races Which Happen Around The World

Some Famed Motor Races Which Happen Around The World

There are a large number of GP races conducted all around the world, but among them, there are some races which are hot favourites among the racers and they feel honoured to achieve victory especially in those races.

Here are some of the most prestigious motor races which are a dream race of every racer. Let us see what makes them so prestigious.

Monaco Grand Prix (F1)

This race takes place in the tight streets of Monte Carlo and has been taking place since 1929. This race is considered to be one of the most glamorous races of all time. It has no virtual run-off and consists of concrete barriers which are lined on both the sides of the track. This track urges a demand of elevation changes and the top speed in the tunnel, which makes it one of the most difficult F1 tracks. A lot of rich and famous people gather to experience this thrilling race, which makes it the event of the year.

Indy 500 (Indy Car)

In the year 2011, this race celebrated its 100th anniversary runs on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend i.e. on the same day as the Monaco Grand Prix. The Indy 500 aka “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is well known for its amazing racing speed which goes up to 220 mph. It caters some very famous traditions such as presenting the winner a bottle of milk and kissing the brick finish line which makes this race famous among the racers.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans (Le Mans)

No other race catches all the aspects of Motorsports just in a single weekend in the French countryside as the Le Mans captures. This race is conducted in various classes of race cars, every car with various levels of performance, which makes it one of the most exciting racing formats. Throughout the race teams use various drivers to take turns in different stints. This race is well known as the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency, so the teams must create a balance between speed and endurance in order to complete the 24- hour race. Being a 24-hour race there is much more action off the track as there is on it.

Daytona 500 (NASCAR)

Most of the races either occur in the middle or at the end of the calendar, but this NASCAR’s “The Great American Race” occurs at the start of the racing calendar. This race provides both safety and competitive concerns on the track and who can miss out its a prestigious 31-degree banking in its four corners. The Daytona 500 is reputed for drawing the largest US television audience of any motor race.